COVID-19 Protocols

Due to the pandemic, protocols have been put in place to ensure your safety while you come to worship.  Please adhere to these guidelines for your safety and comfort.

Updated  COVID-19 Safety Guidelines 2023

Covid-19 is still present and variants are still emerging. However, the risk of death and hospitalization has fallen dramatically and continues to stay low. In accordance with New York State Department of Health mask policies for airports, schools, and public transit, the Board of Directors of the United Church of God Seventh Day continues to strongly recommend mask wearing, but have allowed for optional wearing of masks on church premises, indoors and outdoors. 

Quarantine Guidelines

If you're positive for Covid and either symptomatic or asymptomatic, contact your physician immediately. Please quarantine at home for up to 5 days or until you test negative, or asymptomatic without fever-reducing medication. If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and do not have symptoms, please take precautions. You do not need to be quarantined, but please wear a well-fitting mask for up to 5 days until you test negative.

Immune Support Recommendations

As with all cold and flu seasons, your best defense is a healthy immune system. If you are immune-compromised, elderly, pregnant or have chronic health conditions, consider wearing a mask during the cold and flu season as well as supporting your immune system. The CDC and New York State DOH still recommends vaccination and boosters.

Basic Immune Support

Healthy sleep, hand-washing, stress management, a whole foods eating plan and staying active (exercise) are the fundamentals for a healthy immune system. 

Additional Immune Support

Vitamins, supplements and herbs are also helpful for additional support for your immune system, but do not replace basic immune support. Please speak to your physician or naturopath for guidance before taking vitamins, herbs and supplements. Some herbs to consider are garlic, turmeric, ginger, echinacea, elderberry, oregano oil and goldenseal. Some vitamins to consider are vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Some other supplements may include essential oils, probiotics and colloidal silver. 

Thank you for doing your best to stay healthy and to help keep us all safe.