living life with purpose

There is a place for everyone at United Church of God (Seventh Day).  Come, join a ministry and discover God's purpose for YOUR life!

H.I.M. possible

Calling all MEN! Calling all MEN!

The United Church of God (Seventh Day) invites all men to be a part of H.I.M Possible Men's Ministry. H.I.M. stands for He's In Me. For we know when He, Christ, is in me, all things are possible. 

We provide an environment that encourages the aggressive development of trust, open discussions, the application of God's truth, and prayer.

We honor, serve, encourage and pray for one another, as well as bear one another's burdens.

Our great desire is to develop men that are in hot pursuit of God.

We learn to lead as servants in all areas of our lives while becoming more confident with our identity as men, who positively influence our culture.

We are men in fellowship, trusting God to become spiritual fathers, willing to reproduce for Christ.

Will you answer the call?

Women United

True sisterhood comes from recognizing that we are bound together by God through his son Jesus Christ, and that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit. As women of God, we strive to know each other and support one another in our callings. It is of paramount importance to challenge each other to pray, worship, study, fellowship and to commit ourselves to grow in faith and to affirm our gifts. We are radically involved in the mission of God, the wholeness of the church and our community.

Young Adults

AMP'D Youth

Applying the Master's Plan Daily

Are you between the ages of 18-30? Are you hungry for God? Or do you think God is boring? (hopefully not). Do you need good friends to talk to and have fun with? Or do you just want to experience God with others like you? Well, the place for you is A.M.P.D. Youth Ministries!

We are young adults that long to live "for God alone." Come join us and "Get Amp'd!"

AMP'D Youth


The Children's Ministry at United Church of God (Seventh Day) is a vibrant arm of the local church. It seeks to teach teenagers that they too are important in building God’s kingdom and that serving God can be fun and exciting. 

There are Sabbath-school classes which are age based: preschool, elementary and high school. These classes offer bible-based guided instruction which can include bible memorization, sing-alongs, drama and other hands-on activities.


Marriage Ministry

The purpose of our marriage ministry is to educate, encourage and empower married couples to develop, maintain and sustain strong, spirit-filled, enriched and dynamic marriages where God is sovereign.

Our mission is to build strong, meaningful and healthy Christian relationships, one marriage at a time.

The Marriage Ministry at United began in 2012.  Our times together have included healthy discussions, guest speakers, games, paint parties and dinner!  As we celebrate the sanctity of marriage, by strengthening the bonds between husband, wife and God, we strive to achieve the image of Christ and the church.